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auto ac and heat repair

The hot and humid Nashville summers can make it difficult to keep cool. If your vehicle’s AC system isn’t working, it can mean that driving anywhere is a completely miserable experience. Don’t sit in discomfort and sweltering heat, and don’t suffer through frigid winters without a warm vehicle. If your car’s heating and AC system needs attention, bring it to the pros at Wilson Tire & Auto today. We’ll inspect your AC system and make sure that everything looks good, and we’ll work hard to make all of the required repairs so you can get back to driving in comfort. We even provide 1234yf service for newer AC models that require it!

Auto AC Repair Nashville

There can be several reasons why it feels like your car just isn’t getting cool. Whether you feel hot air blowing from the vents or the AC isn’t turning on at all, you need to have help from professionals who understand the inner workings of an auto AC and heating system. In some cases, your vehicle might just need to have the refrigerant levels replenished. Low levels of refrigerant can keep the car from getting cool, and this is a simple and quick fix that we can do for you to get you cool again fast. However, some issues are a bit more complex and might require a little bit more investigation, time, and effort.

A common issue with auto AC systems is the air compressor. This part is responsible for compressing the refrigerant and helping to convert it from a gas into a liquid. The compressor is usually run by the engine via the drive belt or serpentine belt. Some new vehicles use electric AC compressors that can operate while the engine is off, mostly found in hybrids and electric vehicles. A condenser is a unit found at the front of your vehicle behind the bumper. This part dissipates heat from the refrigerant to keep the air inside the cabin cool. Think of the compressor as the radiator for your car’s AC.

While the compressor, refrigerant, and condenser are just a few important components of the AC system in your vehicle, they’re the three main parts that tend to need the most attention. In addition to the air conditioning system, your heating system also requires regular maintenance and care. Let our professionals help address all of your vehicle heating and cooling needs so you can enjoy driving no matter what the weather is.

Auto AC Repair Near Me

From vehicle maintenance to major repairs, Wilson Tire & Auto works on all makes and models right here in the Nashville, TN area, close to the Nashville International Airport. We now also proudly offer 1234yf service for newer AC units to all our customers! Contact us to schedule an appointment today!

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