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You rely on your vehicle’s steering and suspension system for smooth handling and an easy ride. Whenever your vehicle’s steering or suspension system needs attention, it means that you need help from experienced mechanics you can trust. At Wilson Tire & Auto, we can address all of your vehicle’s suspension and/or steering system issues. We work on all makes and models, and we can get your car riding smoothly again fast so that you can get back to enjoying a comfortable, safe, and smooth ride.

Suspension Repair Nashville TN

There can be many reasons why your car’s suspension or steering system isn’t working the way it should. Poor driving habits such as speeding, driving aggressively, or simply just driving over potholes and rugged roadways can cause your suspension to become off-kilter. While damaged steering or suspension may make your ride uncomfortable, it can also be dangerous and make turning corners and stopping more difficult, too. Here are some important warning signs to look for in the event that you are experiencing steering and suspension problems:

  • Your steering wheel starts to shake or vibrate and gets worse at higher speeds
  • You hear strange noises whenever you turn the steering wheel
  • You hear loud clunking, banging, or squeaking sounds coming from underneath the vehicle
  • The car seems to pull hard to one side whenever you drive
  • There’s a noticeably looser feeling or too much “play” in the steering wheel
  • It’s more difficult to make turns, especially tight turns

Every vehicle is different, and each individual make and model has its own unique guidelines about when to get steering and suspension service. Ideally, you should have your vehicle’s suspension system inspected and serviced once a year. Wilson Tire & Auto works on many vehicles including those with axles and direct axle suspension systems.

Axle Suspensions

Most vehicles have an independent suspension system, but many use what’s called a solid axle suspension (also known as a live axle or beam axle). With this type of suspension system, the solid axle houses the vehicle’s differential inside the axle itself. This is connected to the wheels of your vehicle by a rigid shaft. The entire axle moves together as one unit so if one of your tires drops into a pothole, for example, your other tire will move upward as a reaction. We have the skills and knowledge to deal with all types of suspensions including both independent and axle styles, so come see us with your concerns today.

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From vehicle maintenance to major repairs, Wilson Tire & Auto works on all makes and models right here in the Nashville, TN area, close to the Nashville International Airport. Contact us to schedule an appointment today!

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